helpAccess for ADHD

Focus better. It’s your time.
  • Font Adjustments
  • Stop Autoplay
  • Highlight Headings
  • Reader Mode
How does it help?

ADHD affects one in twenty people worldwide. More than half of those affected have trouble with reading and processing information. Often struggling with concentration and short term memory, people with ADHD can be distracted by clutter and advertising and confused by long lines of small text.

helpAccess can help reduce cognitive load with specialized gradients like colours on text that run across sentences. Highlight headings and links provide straightforward findability. Users can also change or increase font size and spacing between words and lines while reading tools like reader mode and immersive reader can aid focus and learning.

How does it help?

Reader Mode

Removes Ads and distracting elements on web pages such as flashy animations allowing the user to focus on the content for a focused reading experience.

Increase Letter Spacing

A variety of fonts and the ability to put more space between words and lines lets people with ADHD read and understand better.

Highlight Headings

Skim through the content of a page and save time by quickly identifying headings and key content. With highlight headings, you’ll never miss something that’s important.

Stop Autoplay and Animations

Autoplay Videos and Animations that usually come up unexpectedly can be a distraction to people with ADHD. Stopping it also helps dyslexics to focus better and can also help those with epilepsy avert seizures caused by flashy animation.