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helpAccess for People who are Aging

Browse easy. The web is your oyster.
  • Magnification
  • Font Adjustments
  • Volume Boost
How does it help?

We’re all aging and likely to have to face a disability at some point in our lives, if we haven’t already. Issues like tremors, poor vision and cognition can make browsing and completing tasks difficult.

With helpAccess, users can exploit a variety of features to give themselves a more comfortable and convenient way of browsing. Volume boost helps amplify sound for audio that may be weak while Magnification, Font Adjustments and a suite of visual and other features help make websites clearer and more comprehensible.

How does it help?

Increase Font Size

Useful for many types of visual difficulties, zoom easily in and out of a web page and slide effortlessly across web pages

Volume Boost

Increase volume up by upto 6 times. Useful for people who are short of hearing and also help for audio or video that has lower audibility.

Font Adjustments

Text in some pages can be illegible due to a bad choice of font or insufficient spacing. The font can be replaced with a readable fonts and spacing can be adjusted between letters, words and lines for a more comfortable reading experience.