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helpAccess for Dyslexia

Breathe easy. Read easier.
  • Specialized Font
  • Dyslexia Ruler
  • Immersive Reader
  • Reader Mode
How does it help?

One in ten people worldwide have Dyslexia, a learning disorder that affects their ability to read, spell, write, speak or focus. They can often have difficulties consuming content on the web because of fonts that are incomprehensible to them and other distractive elements on websites such as advertising or animation.

With helpAccess users can choose from Dyslexic friendly font and a variety of other fonts, change website colors and contrast, enable highlighters and the dyslexia rulerto increase focus and a lot more. Features like reader mode and immersive reader improve comprehension and fluency regardless of age or abilities.

How does it help?

Dyslexia Font

Fonts like Opendyslexic and Dyslexie can help people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities to comprehend the web better. Other fonts are easier on the eyes, and can be tweaked to suit anyone’s comfort.

Dyslexia Ruler

Reading and keeping up with long text on web pages can be hard. Reduce symptoms of visual stress and never lose track of where you are on a page with the dyslexia ruler, which also lets you highlight and underline text.

Reader Mode

Removes distracting elements on web pages such as flashy animation and advertising allowing the user to focus on the content and further modify fonts and backgrounds for a focused reading experience.

Immersive Reader

Helps a user listen to content while highlighting and following the text being read. Dictionaries and picture dictionaries aid in learning for students as well as people with english as a second language.