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helpAccess for Everyone

Browse easy. The web is your oyster.
  • Improve Productivity and Performance
  • Reduce Eye Strain
  • Learn and Communicate Better
How does it help?

helpAccess can give everyone a better browsing experience. With features to help increase focus, develop language skills and themes to reduce eye strain, helpAccess aids in increasing performance and productivity.

After all, better accessibility helps everyone.

How does it help?

Increase Performance and Productivity

The power to personalize your web means making it work better for you and ultimately translates to higher productivity and better outcomes. Reader mode, highlighters, reading mask, stop animation and other features help increase focus.

Reduce Eye Strain

Enabling dark mode, modifying contrast and changing font and background colours and styles can help reduce eye strain especially while using computers for extended periods. Enabling blue light filters, especially leading up to bedtime can greatly impact quality of sleep.

Learn and communicate

Text to speech, dictionaries and picture dictionaries help not only people with dyslexia to learn and comprehend but also a large number of students and people worldwide who use english as a second language. People can improve reading ability, communicate better and be more interactive at work or school.