helpAccess for People using only Keyboard

Tab away. Never miss a thing.
  • Keyboard Focus
  • skipNav
  • Important Links and info
  • accessMore
How does it help?

Millions of people depend on the keyboard to navigate the web because of their inability to use a mouse owing to a physical disability. Millions of others also use the keyboard as a preferred method of input. While using the keyboard, users can often miss out on links on a page if they haven’t been marked appropriately.

How does it help?

Keyboard Focus

Ensures that keyboard users know where they are on the page and lets them get everywhere using just the tab key.


This feature allows vision impaired users to navigate to their favourite spots on a website with a single step, skipping everything in between.

Important Links and Info

Provides quick access to the website-owner contact information including phone numbers, social-media handles and other important links on the webpage at a single glance so that users don't have to spend a lot of time searching for it.


The extension will be able to determine parts of the page that are not keyboard accessible but might hold useful information and automagically makes it available to screen-reader users that would otherwise be missed.