helpAccess for Low Vision

Absorb more. Immerse in the web.
  • Magnification
  • Colour and Contrast
  • Font Adjustments
How does it help?

The web can be a frustrating experience for hundreds of millions of people worldwide that have varying degrees of low vision. Colours, contrasts, designs and fonts on websites are often unsuitable for many users. Text may be too small and links that are commonly only marked by color can be easily overlooked, especially by people who have some form of color blindness.

People with low vision can apply a combination of features using helpAccess to help them enjoy a far better experience on web pages. The immersive reader can come in handy to read along with or just have it read text on a page. Features like increasing font size, larger cursor, highlight headings and links and others give users plenty of room to browse easier by calibrating their own web experience.

How does it help?

Increase Font Size

Useful for many types of visual impairments, zoom easily in and out of a web page and slide effortlessly across web pages

Increase Contrast

For low contrast sensitivity, common in older people and colour blindness, using high contrast can help better identify diagrams, maps and other types of images, icons and buttons.

Readable Font

Modify fonts in a variety of ways to make text clearer and easier to read. Change levels of font size, color and even spacing between letters, words and lines to consume content comfortably.