The Internet is for everyone

In a fast paced world, creating new ways of increasing opportunity helps level the playing field.

As humans we’ve always known the power of opportunity, and what it can do to transform lives. The web has become our window to the world and the endless opportunities it has to offer. We shop, work, learn and play and find love, progress, excitement and enlightenment online. We can laugh, be inspired, ponder, connect and innovate and find our place in a web of possibilities. However, millions of people with disabilities are unable to use the web and benefit from it the way others do because of inaccessibly built websites.

At helpAccess we’re passionate about helping people make the most of the web to reach their potential every single day. That’s why we aim at solving this problem from another angle. We seek to absorb nuances - the whys and hows of the myriad ways in which people use their devices and operate online. We care about experiences, ergonomics, contemporary applications, and learning and collaborating with the people we serve to help them mould the web to suit their personal needs. Striving constantly to find ways to help people enhance their browsing experience, we endeavour to maximize the utility of the most powerful tool in the world because we all deserve to flourish equally.

Adapt the web to your needs now

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