WHAT IS helpAccess?

A new approach to the web accessibility chaos

Over the last 18 months, we have been identifying, analyzing and solving web accessibility issues that affect the way people, particularly those with disabilities access websites and get things done. Our research runs deep. From campaigns to mobilize NGOs, Governments, Universities and Developers to create awareness; helping companies fix issues with their websites through a practical knowledge base; to a platform for users to report issues and seek help, we’ve explored them all and have grown to visualize other ways of enabling accessibility that give quicker results and far reaching impacts.

Solving the web accessibility conundrum at scale has always been a problem. Lack of awareness among millions of website owners and developers and a dynamic web makes enabling web accessibility difficult, potentially excluding millions of people from making full use of websites and possibly of their lives. What if the web could just be more accessible for everyone, instantly? That’s been at the prime of our focus in recent times and have since conceived ‘helpAccess’, an easy to use browser extension that allows users to personalize their instances on websites, overcome barriers they face owing to their disabilities and attain a similar experience that those without disabilities enjoy online.

Assistive technology innovations like helpAccess can benefit hundreds of millions of people globally, allowing them to navigate in a web that is often not made with them or their needs in mind. With helpAccess, users can not only change the way a site looks to them but also change the way they use it; in a manner that suits each individual's needs, with just a few actions. Being able to set domain specific or universal preferences that apply to all websites gives users the power to instantly access more, better and faster, all across the web.

helpAccess is a browser extension that lets you adapt the way websites look, feel and function so that you can browse more efficiently and experience a more accessible web, particularly if you have a disability that affects the way you use your computer or consume content online. It works with multiple browsers, takes only a few seconds to download and has features that can benefit virtually anyone, regardless of abilities.

helpAccess comes with a host of features that lets people with physical and cognitive disabilities like visual impairments and dyslexia, fine tune the way they consume content and use websites. New and radical features for the blind enables them to navigate seamlessly. Zoom and several appearance modulation features help people with poor vision, while specialized fonts, rulers and highlighters help those with cognitive issues. Many features are also immensely useful to learners and people who have English as a second language. With a reader mode that removes distractions like ads and puts focus on the content and the immersive reader that lets users delve deeper into content and its meaning, helpAccess has features for everyone.
After all, accessibility helps everyone.